Sunday, October 26, 2014

How to Catch a Rabbit, Revolving Shed (LSE’s Student Theatre Company)

Rating: 44444444

Dates: 10-13, 15-20 August

Time: 12:20

Cost: £7 (£5)

Where: theSpaces on the Mile


How to Catch a Rabbit will appeal to adults and teenagers looking for a well-
executed, original and entertaining piece of theatre.

This new play, written and directed by Alex Rodin, focuses on a group of urban
gypsies living in Southeast London. It is a moving and entertaining glimpse at this
marginalised ethnic group who continue to suffer extreme levels of prejudice and
discrimination. Through their eyes we experience the power and inhumanity of a
state, as it crushes and controls the traditions of what is the largest ethnic minority
in Europe. Having been drawn into this very secretive community, we also glimpse the
confrontations between generations as they seek to survive in modern day Britain.

This fine ensemble of actors give intelligent, charming, witty and convincing
performances. The show is well paced, moving between scenes incorporating the
full ensembles drawing upon a cabaret style, to intimate dialogue between family
members. The music composed by Shou Jie Eng is simple and effective adding
power to the show. Slick changing of props to create the different scenes and well
considered, minimal lighting changes helped to give How to Catch a Rabbit heaps of
atmosphere and charm.

Marion Kenny




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