Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mud Wrestling with Words, Bang Said the Gun

Rating: 5555555555

Dates: 27 August August

Time: 20:40

Cost: Free

Where: The Banshee Labyrinth


Ever been to a poetry reading and had to fight an almost insatiable urge to scream ‘What the f**k is she on about!?’ Now is your chance!!

Bang Said the Gun is poetry for ‘people who hate poetry, especially the stuff about thwarted love and daffodils’. In this theatre, all pretence is forgotten as the audience are encouraged to participate in raucous chants and revel in a common hatred towards the amount of self- indulgent claptrap that is now dubbed as art.

This is the most humble poetry I have managed come across. Gritty and real. Authors combine impeccable comic timing with valid subjects to make well-founded insights concerning our society.

At one point, the audience’s mutual loathing for ‘Rude Bastards’ caused such stir that the performers were asked to tone the noise down; apparently we could be heard over acts in neighbouring rooms. We were obviously having more fun than they were accustomed to…

If the Fringe has you craving a spot of Spike Milligan-esque catharsis and down to earth comedy, this is the show for you. Their run in Edinburgh is almost over but these guys also perform weekly in London.

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