Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Young Stars at the Fringe: A Round up of New Talent

It’s easy to spot the star in a good one-man or one-woman show. But how about when there’s a cast of ten? Throughout the month, New Kid reviewers have noted particularly good performers. Now, as the Fringe wraps up, here are our highlights… Darla Eno (The Sparrow, Conference of the Birds, Theatre Paradok) Amongst the [...]


Ink, Spun Glass Theatre

You will like Ink if you hold a common distrust and slight disgust at the media and its tactics. It revolves around Luca, who is suffering the after-effects of his father’s death at the hands of a terrorist. The acting is faultless, actors and actresses were very professional, always staying in character entering and exiting [...]


Mud Wrestling with Words, Bang Said the Gun

Ever been to a poetry reading and had to fight an almost insatiable urge to scream ‘What the f**k is she on about!?’ Now is your chance!! Bang Said the Gun is poetry for ‘people who hate poetry, especially the stuff about thwarted love and daffodils’. In this theatre, all pretence is forgotten as the [...]


Wrens, Tiny Teapot Theatre

Wrens kicks off with a young woman, dressed in naval uniform, sashaying about on stage admiring her beauty in the mirror before bursting into song just like, well, a wren I suppose. The actress playing her had a powerful set of pipes and it was an appealing opening, jolting the audience into alert mode. Amazing [...]


The Life Doctor, Channel You

If I may, I’ll begin with an age old clichéd phrase that any self-respecting reviewer should shove into a piece about a medically titled comedy show. That is, that laughter is widely regarded as the best medicine. I would have very much liked to confirm this tonight and worked the phrase in seamlessly but unfortunately [...]


My Best Friend Drowned in a Swimming Pool, Sunday’s Child

A teenage boy passes out at a party, hits his head on a weird concrete sculpture, and drowns in the swimming pool; and so begins what is, in effect, an upmarket Skins, with the same blend of teenage angst and gritty realism in a theatrical setting. The deceased’s four best friends share their own methods [...]


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