Friday, October 24, 2014

Rachael’s Cafe, Little Fly Theatre

Rating: 44444444

Dates: 18-28 August

Time: 14:00

Cost: Free

Where: Jekyll and Hyde


If, from what the Free Fringe has to offer, you’re simply after something short and sweet, then this is for you.

Rachael’s Cafe, a one man play which explores the struggles and realities of a transgender cafe owner, is an utterly charming piece which I found both engaging and thought provoking.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this play, and what greatly contributes to it’s charm, is the surprising intimacy of it. No doubt the cosy atmosphere of the pub room venue will have encorouged this feel, yet I think it would be fair to say that Graham Eswell’s skilful performance as Rachael is what really does it. Through her comical anecdotes and heart to heart revelations with the audience, you can’t help but to leave feeling that you have personally got to know this friendly and fascinating character.

There are moments in Rachael’s Cafe where the fluidity of the play is unfortunately slightly interrupted – for example, with a slight overuse of half-heard telephone conversations with members of Rachael’s family. These snippets of conversation were a nessecary part of the play, but I did feel a little frustrated at not knowing what was being said on the other side of the phone. Luckily, however, this one small niggle was not nearly enough to detract from the overall exuberance of the play. A true gem and definately worth fifty minutes of your time.

Jennifer Thome


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