Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cagebirds, Liverpool University Drama Society

Rating: 333333

Dates: 6-13 August

Time: 13:35

Cost: £7 (£6)

Where: Greenside


The Cagebirds, which was written by David Campton in the sixties, will appeal to adults drawn to a contemplative text in a show that is absent of lighting changes, musical soundtrack, or set changes.

The audience are drawn into a world resembling a dementia ward, where the characters with their brightly painted faces seem to physically take on characteristics of different types of birds. Each compulsively talks about personal obsessions, which have over time resulted in a disorder locking them deep within their own minds. Their feathers become ruffled when a new resident known as the Wild One attempts to interact with the characters, each of who has become lost in their own world.

The cast give charming and convincing performances, with Katy Syme playing the wild one shining as brightly as her flaming red hair.

Sadly the show is let down by technical difficulties: when the stage door representing a cage door opens, it is impossible to disguise the fact that you are as an audience looking and listening to a corridor, in a venue in the Edinburgh Festival, which leads to a noisy kitchen, breaking the magic of the performance and removing you from the story.

Marion Kenny


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