Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Well, This is Awkward, Richard Gadd, Michael Winning and James Kirk

Rating: 44444444

Dates: 10-16 August

Time: 13:45

Cost: Free

Where: Bannermans


Finding good Free Fringe stand-up may be a dangerous game, but sometimes the effort is rewarded.

This show is introduced as alternative comedy and takes the form of three stand-up acts, followed by a joint collaboration branded ‘Scotland’s premier hip hop act’. Thanks to the distinct style of each performer, this is far less tedious than it sounds.

First comes Michael Winning, who is strongest when cracking one-liners, but falters somewhat on substance. Richard Gadd also goes for the instant jokes, but in his case the effect is much more disturbing. His determination to push the boundaries may not for everyone  (‘Why did the feminist cross the road? To wash my dishes and suck my balls.’), but he is certainly an original. If he ever gains a cult following, it won’t just be because of his eerie resemblance to Dracula.

The most appealing of the three for me was James Kirk. Round and red-headed, Kirk manages to milk every ounce of prissiness out of a curt Scottish accent during his stand-up. For me, though, his star turn came in the hip-hop, when he imitated Gadd’s gangster poses with all the self-importance of a toddler.


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