Friday, October 24, 2014

Young Stars at the Fringe: A Round up of New Talent

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It’s easy to spot the star in a good one-man or one-woman show. But how about when there’s a cast of ten? Throughout the month, New Kid reviewers have noted particularly good performers. Now, as the Fringe wraps up, here are our highlights…

Darla Eno (The Sparrow, Conference of the Birds, Theatre Paradok)

Amongst the twitter of many voices, Daniel Regan was struck by Darla Eno’s performance as the Sparrow in bold physical theatre piece Conference of the Birds: ‘She really stood out as an excellent actress with brilliant conviction and range.’

Jonathon Griffiths (Merlin, King Arthur, Aireborne Theatre)

He may have foregone the beard and pointy hat but, argues reviewer Christopher Smail, the result of Jonathon Griffiths’ unorthodox Merlin was ‘a charismatic riot of dandyish charms’, with ‘great physical presence’ and a ‘quick wit thrown into the mix.’

Eve Hedderwick Turner (Lady Macbeth, The Curse of Macbeth, Cambridge ADC)

For Julia Rampen, the fire in this version of The Scottish Play was all due to Eve Hedderwick Turner’s characterisation of Lady Macbeth. ‘Not only did she switch easily between the roles of predator and victim, but her passion for her husband brought out a love story I had never noticed before.’

James Kirk (Well, This is Awkward, Richard Gadd, James Kirk and Michael Winning)

Winner of the 2010 So You Think You’re Funny? Competition, James Kirk stood out on this year’s Free Fringe. ‘Kirk manages to milk every ounce of prissiness out of a curt Scottish accent during his stand-up. For me, though, his star turn came in the hip-hop, when he imitated Gadd’s gangster poses with all the self-importance of a toddler’ (Well, This Is Awkward Review).


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